Personalize My Experience
Nov 18, 2020

When it comes to making chili, some use that one recipe passed down from generation to generation, and then others toss in beef and their favorite spices and hope for the best. I mean, can you really mess up Chili?
There are many chili variations that I don't think you can go wrong whether you are following a recipe or just winging it, it's always a crowd-pleaser and a tummy filler.

Instead of sharing one of our recipes, we figured we give you some tips you should try out on your next Chili Creation.

  • To add a little sweetness, try adding a tablespoon of sugar or honey.
  • To thicken the plot, I mean pot, mix in a bit of cornmeal or flour.
  • For a crisp taste, pour in a bit of soda or beer.
  • Want a smoky flavor? Add cocoa or a bar of baking chocolate. Yes, you read that right, Chocolate!
  • Need some zing? Add lemon or lime juice or even a sprinkle of orange zest.
  • Interested in a creamy texture, some people swear by adding a scoop of peanut butter will capture that desire.

There's a whole list of extra ingredients people use when making a pot of Chili. Weather you go for a traditional vibe or try one of these secret methods, you won't ever be disappointed with a warm bowl of Chili on a cold day!